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Our core group of women artists is politically involved and community-connected. Our work explores strong stage imagery, language and action. We create and produce plays where the passions collide, and we nurture emerging writers with a play-creation conservatory. Contrary Company offers our collective professional expertise as artists and educators, to enrich communities with play creation, drama workshops, and community projects.

Our organic process involves the entire creative team from inception to realization, and the essence of our creativity focuses on the transformation of empty space.
We want the human drama to resonate in our audiences lives. We want our audiences to experience the marvel of acting, and to be immersed in the world we create. We want our audiences to feel that their senses have been stimulated by ours, and that they can leave our plays feeling more communicative with the world.
The Play-Creation Conservatory
Evolving out of the highly successful playwriting programme at Humber College, Contrary Company plans to help emerging theatre professionals to develop their works in the organic cross-disciplinary process that characterizes Contrary Company. The mandate for this programme is to encourage and assist a diverse community of early theatre creators towards independent producing.
Core Artists

Maja Ardal, actor, director, playwright dramaturg, instructor

Mary Francis Moore, actor director, dramaturg, playwright, instructor

Julia Tribe, designer, dramaturg, instructor

Kim Blackwell, director

Lisa Karen Cox, actor, singer, administrator

Christina de Jong, producer, writer, filmmaker, new media designer

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